Wine Making Kit: Deluxe Kit Reviewed

wine making kit

If you enjoy trying new things, and love to have a nice glass of wine from time to time, you may be considering purchasing a wine making kit. Making wine at home is quickly becoming one of the most popular hobbies for wine lovers. And despite what you may think, it’s not difficult at all to make great tasting wines, right in your own home. Of course, you can’t just start stomping grapes and hoping for the best. To really get started with home wine making, you need the right instruction and equipment.

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Wine Making Kit Deluxe

The Deluxe Wine Making Kit from Strange Brew is designed to give you everything you need to create your very first batch of homemade wine. From the detailed wine making instructions to all the essential equipment, the Deluxe Wine Making Kit gives you the knowledge and tools you need to enjoy making your own delicious wines at home.

Wine Making Made Easy

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Deluxe Wine Making Kit may just be the detailed instruction book. This book covers everything you need to know about home brewing. And while you can find bits and pieces of this kind of step-by-step instruction on various websites and in how to books, the way that this booklet simplifies the process, while still giving you the essential details, makes the often intimidating concept of creating your own wine much easier to get started with. It is important, though, to take a bit of time to go over the entire booklet at least once, before you jump right into creating your first batch of wine. Knowing the basic steps ahead of time will make your first wine brewing experience a lot easier to get through.

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Wine Making Kit Equipment

This wine making kit comes with the following:

  • 7.8 Gallon Fermenter and Grommeted Lid
  • 6.0 Gallon Glass Carboy
  • Winemakers Instructions book
  • No-Rinse Bleach Free Sanitizer
  • Double Lever Corker
  • 30 Corks
  • Large Plastic Spoon
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • Econolock airlock
  • Drilled Universal Carboy Bung
  • Siphon Hose
  • Wine Degassing Rod
  • 1/2 inch Fermtech Auto Siphon
  • High Quality Easy Use Bottle Filler
  • Durable Nylon
  • Wire Bottle Brush
  • Wine making instructions and equipment instruction guide.

As you can see, the Deluxe Wine Making Kit gives you all the wine making equipment and instructions that you need to get started with your own home wine making.

Customer Reviews and Scores

With 10 customer reviews posted online, the Deluxe Wine Making Kit has earned a very high 4.6 out of 5 star rating. The vast majority of online reviewers have given this kit the highest ratings possible, and have given this wine making kit rave reviews. Many of the online reviewers said that this kit includes all that you need to start making all kinds of the best wines at home, and that the instructions are well written and easy to follow.

If you want to get started with the fun hobby of making your own wine at home, you can’t go wrong by purchasing the Deluxe Wine Making Kit from Strange Brew.

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Wine Making Kit: Deluxe Kit Reviewed
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