Wine Making Equipment: What You Require

Wine Making EquipmentWine making equipment is very important if you intend to create great tasting wines at home. Wine has been an essential component of great celebrations of family and friends all over the world.  Wine is a great accompaniment to different kinds of food. Oftentimes, great dining is synonymous to having an excellent bottle of wine. Many people are trying to find the best wine that they can drink by going around the world or by dining out in restaurants in their city. However, wine does not have to be purchased all the time because you can easily make wine at home using a wine making kit. It is just very important that you have excellent wine making equipment will aid you in the wine making process.

Basic Wine Making Equipment

You should have a carboy on hand when you want to make wine at home. It is basically a glass jug that will hold the wine that you will ferment over a long period of time. It is available in various sizes from one to ten gallons. You may purchase this at any wine making equipment store or any kitchen supply store.

An airlock or a heavy stopper is also one of the most important things that you need to have when you decide to make wine at home. Oxidation can be prevented using airlocks as they create a valve that that keeps in the carbon dioxide in the container and stop oxygen from seeping inside the carboy.  Airlocks are fitted in bungs which are rubber stoppers that have holes drilled through them.

In order to transfer wine from one container to another, you would also need a wine thief, a food grade bucket and a food grade hose. A wine thief is important wine making equipment so that you can transfer small quantities of wine. It is a plastic tube that has plastic holes on both ends. The wine thief is lowered in the wine container and before pulling it back up, one hole is then covered with the thumb. The tube can then be placed in a new container by releasing the thumb from the hole. The food grade hose is used in the same way with the wine being siphoned using this wine making equipment. A food grade bucket is useful in taking out the foam that is formed on the surface of the wine while the wine is being fermented.

Invest in brushers and sanitizers that you will use in cleaning the bottles and other containers that you will use during the wine making process. It is important to ensure zero percent contamination of the wine to ensure optimal flavor and quality.

Hydrometer: An Essential Wine Making Equipment

A hydrometer can be used to find out the specific gravity of the juice that is going to be made into wine. The instrument tests out the ratio of the density of the juice compared to the density of water. A hydrometer is wine making equipment that consists of a cylindrical glass stem and bulb with mercury. To use this, you must pour in the juice into a tall glass container such as a graduated cylinder and then lower the hydrometer into the liquid until it floats. Hydrometers have a scale and the reading is taken from the point where the surface of the liquid touches the cylindrical stem. You have to keep in mind that water weighs more than alcohol. Knowing the specific gravity of the juice that will be turned into wine using wine making equipment will enable any winemaker to produce the desired type of wine. Table wines usually have a specific gravity of 1.090 or higher while the wines that have been fermented to a certain level of dryness are at 0.990 to 1.000. The specific gravity that is measured by hydrometers will also determine the alcohol level of the wine. In general, a 1.090 specific gravity will have 12.3 percent alcohol level. You can buy a hydrometer from science laboratory equipment stores or in online shops that sell wine making equipment.

Having the proper equipment will help you create wines at home and it is just as easy as how to brew your own beer. Try to get the best possible quality when you shop for them in wine stores, kitchenware stores or other online shops. Of course, these are just tools that will help you in the process. You need to follow the proper wine making procedure step by step. You also need to make sure that you are meticulous in handling the wine in every step so that you can achieve the results that you want. wine making is such a challenging task especially when you have to wait for quite a while to get the best possible wine. It requires patience and sensitivity to the changes that will occur. Do not worry though because wine making equipment will make things easier for you!

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