Tattoos Ideas: It’s Limitless

tattoo ideasThere are a lot of different tattoos ideas that you can choose from once you have decided to hop on the wonderful world of getting inked. It is very important to realize that what you decide to put on your body is something that you should contemplate a lot about before you sit down on that chair and have the tattoo artist start working that tattoo ink on your skin. You have to keep in mind that a tattoo should be a work of art that you would like to have on your body. It is permanent so you need to choose wisely because you need to live with it until the day you pass away. You can create your own tattoo or you can read on and look at different examples of tattoos that may spark your interest and preference.

Back Tattoos Ideas

A lot of people choose to put tattoos on their backs, aside from their arms. The back is a great location to put a tattoo because of the big space to accommodate big tattoos ideas. Back tattoos are also great for those who want to still cover up their tattoos when needed. There are so many tattoos that can be placed on the back because of the sheer amount of space that is available such as dragons, warriors, texts, memorials for loved ones, landscape scenes, and other popular characters. The most popular back tattoo would have to be wings. It is created from the shoulder blades and can be drawn up to the waist. Many people find wing tattoos a great things to have as they live out fantasies of flying, being ethereal and angelic.

Tribal Tattoos Ideas

Tribal tattoos have been becoming great tattoos ideas recently because of the emergence of tribal art in popular culture. Through these designs, people are now aware of the existence of tribes from the Pacific islands and even aboriginal cultures. Tribal tattoos feature dark and bold lines that form symbols and figures that represent nature such as animals and plants. Some people who have tribal tattoos inked on them choose one that have meaning that describe their life experiences, spiritual sensibility, or familial lineage or personality.

Angel and Flower Tattoos

Angel and flower tattoos ideas are great for women. However, there are also other men who put on angel and flower tattoos as well, usually as a part of a bigger tattoo design. A lot of tattoo kits in tattoo parlors also feature angel and flower designs. Flowers represent a cycle of life in nature and it is a symbol of womanhood, grace and gentleness. Flowers also evoke the concept of beauty and delicateness. Angel tattoos are a representation of the messenger of God and the guardians of heaven. These symbolize goodness, protection and safety. Angels also evoke a sense of resurrection from an untimely event in the person’s life such as an accident or illness.

Chinese Tattoos

Chinese tattoos ideas usually comprise the vast collection of Chinese symbols in the Chinese writing system that is picto-phonetic in nature. There are thousands to choose from and even thousands more ways to combine each one of them to capture the meaning that you want to convey on your body art. In the Chinese culture, each symbol corresponds to a certain object, person, emotion, or concept. Popular Chinese tattoos are dragons and Chinese sayings from Confucius or Lao Tze.

Military Tattoos

Perhaps the most distinct kind of tattoos ideas is the military tattoo. Usually military tattoos have their own meanings and standard design. Different units of the military – the navy, air force, army and marines – have their own tattoos in order to identify them from one another. The military tattoos are also a way for them to mark important missions that they have been successful in and supporting different soldiers and comrades. If you have served in the military these tattoos ideas a great for you. Navy men usually have tattoos of anchors or sailor’s cap. The Air Force men sport wings or planes as tattoos. The Marines usually have bulldogs as tattoos because they symbolize tenacity and toughness. Men from the army often have tattoos that represent their battalion to show unity and dedication to their service. Military tattoos show uniformity and service.

When you want to have a tattoo done on your body, always remember to choose one that you feel you will never ever outgrow. A lot of people choose something that is personal to them and something that has a lot of meaning in their lives. Another option is to try to design your own tattoo so that it can be truly unique. Tattoos should be representations of what you believe in and should reflect who you are. Hopefully the tattoos ideas we have outlined above are great suggestions for those who want to get inked!

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