How to Brew Your Own Beer: The Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit

how to brew your own beer

If you’ve been researching how to brew your own beer at home, you may have found that home brewing can be anything but affordable. Setting up your own microbrewery can cost a pretty penny, and it takes a bit of practice and guidance to start brewing great tasting beers at home. While looking at some of the best brewing equipment online, we recently came across the  Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit. This all-in-one kit gives you the essential ingredients, equipment and instruction that you need to get started with home brewing. While most people have to piece together all these potentially expensive things on their own, this is a brew your own beer kit that seems to have it all.

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How to Brew Your Own Beer: Expert Beer Brewing Instruction

Before we get into the physical aspects of the  Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit, let’s get to one of the most impressive features – the expert instruction about how to brew your own beer. Anyone could put together the basic equipment and ingredients, but without the steps needed to brew beer correctly, most people would be in the dark. Thankfully, this kit comes with an instructional DVD that teaches you every step of the often misunderstood process of brewing beer at home. The DVD is laid out in a how to format, and really does take you from the very beginning to sipping your first batch, using steps that anyone can follow. If you’ve always wondered how to brew beer like the pros, you’ll learn it all by watching this helpful video tutorial.

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What’s in this Home Beer Brewing Kit?

Once you learn how to brew your own beer, you’ll be ready to put the equipment and ingredients to work on your first at-home batch. Here’s what you get in the Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit:

  • Fermenter, lid and Krausen Collar
  • 30 740ml PET bottles
  • Tap and Bottler,
  • Brewers log and M
  • Beer kit
  • Brew Enhancer
  • Yeast and carbonation drops

How to Brew Your Own Beer: The Beer Kit  Features

  • Instructional DVD teaches you how to brew your own beer.
  • The kit includes everything you need to make six gallons of your own beer per batch.
  • Perfect for the beginner brewer or for more advanced home brewers.
  • Includes PET bottles and enough ingredients to make your first batch of home made beer.
  • You can buy add-ons that allow you to brew more specialized beers if you decide to try new recipes in the future.

As you can see, the question of how to brew your own beer is pretty easy to answer. Once you make a small investment in the The Coopers Brewery DIY Beer Kit, you’ll have the equipment and know how that you need to make your own brews any time you want. Don’t just wonder how to brew your own beer any more – this kit will have you on the fast track to home brewing.

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