Guitar Lessons for Kids: Complete Starter Pack Reviewed

Guitar Lessons for Kids

You can drop a lot of money to get guitar lessons for your kids. And sometimes you may even get lucky and find an instructor who knows what he/she is doing. More often than not, though, finding a good instructor, at a reasonable price is very difficult. But there is another way to get guitar lessons for kids, and you don’t even have to leave the house or pay expensive monthly fees to get them. Alfred’s – a world leader in musical education – has put together what may be the best way to learn guitar for kids – their Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course.

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Guitar Lessons for Kids: Everything You Need

This course of guitar lessons for kids promises to provide everything that young music students need to get started. And from the looks of things, the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course really is chock full of the learning materials and equipment that kids need to learn guitar. Here’s what’s included in this starter kit for young guitar players:

  • A very nice 3/4 size Firebrand acoustic guitar with nylon strings.
  • A custom fit acoustic guitar gig bag with carrying straps.
  • A portable electronic guitar tuner.
  • 3 guitar picks.
  • A colorful 48 page instructional book.
  • An enhanced CD with audio tracks and guitar lessons for kids software.
  • An instructional DVD with professional teachers guiding kids through all of the fun steps to learning to play guitar.

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As you can see from that list, this beginner’s kit is about a whole lot more than simple guitar lessons for kids. This is an entire guitar instructional system. Kids get their first guitar – and a pretty decent one at that – along with an entire course that is all neatly tied together to provide a fun, enjoyable learning environment that kids will love. Unlike weekly guitar lessons for kids with a stuffy music teacher, this system integrates all of the elements of guitar playing into a comprehensive system that kids will actually be begging to use.

Kids can actually go from knowing nothing about playing guitar to becoming very proficient in a short amount of time. They’ll learn guitar scales, chords, music theory and everything they need to establish a solid foundation for playing music well into the future. And if your child has any musical inclination at all, there’s a good chance that the fun structure of the lessons, and all the engaging content will help them to actually learn guitar fast. Now they might not turn out to be miniature Van Halen’s in a few weeks, but they’ll certainly learn the basics and have a great time doing so.

Guitar Lessons for Kids: Customer Reviews

To get the lowdown on this guitar lessons for kids starter pack, we went to the most reliable source we know – real life customers. It’s always smart to see what people, who have already purchased and used a product, have to say about it before you buy it for your own kids. And what we found pretty much blew us away – people just can’t say enough good things about this guitar playing kit. It has so far earned a positive 4.8 star rating, and parents say that it is one of the best purchases that they have ever made for their kids.

With a nice guitar, tons of learning materials, and video lessons taught by skilled, professional music instructors, it’s easy to see why the Alfred’s Kid’s Guitar Course is such a hit. Once you see your child enjoying their guitar lessons, this product will change the way you think about guitar lessons for kids forever.

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