Electronic Keyboard: The Many Types

Electronic KeyboardAn electronic keyboard is a musical instrument that a lot of music enthusiasts would love to have. It has a lot of capabilities and features that are essential in creating great music and adding effects to existing songs.  The field of science and electronics have come together in helping this instrument evolve into something that is a whole lot better these days and help musicians put more dimension into their music. There are different types of electronic keyboard that are available in the market today and anyone who wants this type of instrument would have to consider the different features that each of them have to address a specific need.

Beginner Electronic Keyboard

Beginner electronic keyboard is meant for those who are just starting out in learning how to play the electric piano. Usually these types of keyboards that are made for beginners have only two to four octaves and only feature a few of the basic instrument sounds that are created for digital equipment, mostly for entertainment purposes. This type of keyboard for beginners is manufactured using plastic and not the expensive materials such as ivory. There are also some of them in the market such as the Casio keyboards, which feature keys that light up. This is actually convenient for children who are learning how to play this instrument. They can just follow the pre-programmed sequence of lights in order to play a song.

Arranger Electronic Keyboard

The arranger electronic keyboard is a level above the beginner keyboard. Arrangers, as they are often referred to, have hundreds of pre-recorded tracks that the instrument player can use in order to accompany other types of music that he may want to play. This is the type of keyboard that musicians prefer to have, most especially the composers and different artists who create their own music. This is also a great choice for those who are starting out their music career but may not have the right equipment to create different effects and incorporate different other sounds in their songs. A Casio keyboard arranger that is sold in the market today even have software and USB ports included so that you can hook it up to your computer easily.

Digital Workstation

Other musicians opt to have a digital workstation as their choice for an electronic keyboard. This type of instrument helps them create a better composition because it provides them better control of each of the major and minor aspects of their music. In the same way as the arranger, the digital workstation can also be connected to the computer so that the music can be digitally manipulated in order to produce a high quality final output.


A synthesizer is a whole new level above the previous three kinds of electronic keyboard. Musicians who opt to use a synthesizer may choose to create music from nothing or take an existing song or beat and disintegrate it to create something new. Synthesizers are great for adding digital sound effects and other beats that cannot be created using other standard instruments. It certainly looks like a regular electronic keyboard however its purpose and features are quite different from the others.


Organs are the digital counterpart of metal pipe organs. In addition to that, organs are much smaller but have the sound of an original pipe organ. This type of electronic keyboard aims to retain the characteristics of the music produced by the traditional organ as well as the other manual featuers such as pedals and key decks but also incorporates modern features such as high definition sound and digital controls.

Digital Piano

Probably the ultimate electronic keyboard that is in the market now is the digital piano. The external facade of the digital piano is very much how a regular piano would look like. However, there are no strings and hammers inside this type of piano. The digital piano contains memory that has programmed recordings for each of the keys in this electronic keyboard. The sound is then digital in nature and not acoustic like a regular piano. Digital piano reviews are important when you are trying to purchase one in the market. So far, the Yamaha upright piano is the most popular choice for those who are trying to find the best quality digital piano that they can have.

Anyone who loves music would be delighted to have any of these keyboards at home. It is a great tool to create music that can change people’s perspective and even touch lives and hearts. This instrument combines technology and sophisticated sounds in order to aid in producing music that has a lot of life breathed into it. Go to your nearest store to find the best electronic keyboard that will fulfill your need for a great tool to make excellent music.


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