Best Way to Learn Guitar: A Learn and Master Guitar Review

best way to learn guitar

Everyone has their own opinion about different methods that are considered the best way to learn guitar. For some people it means paying for expensive guitar lessons for kids; to get them started as early as possible. Other folks, however, are turning to methods – beyond the traditional music lessons or classes – that have traditionally been considered the best way to learn guitar. These days there are software programs, online membership sites and detailed DVD programs that can help people to learn guitar fast.

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The Best Way to Learn Guitar

One of the most popular of these programs is called Learn and Master Guitar. This system is recognized because in addition to helping you learn guitar scales and songs, it also delves into deeper musical waters, and teaches beginner to advanced musical theory too. Where some of the other online guitar courses could be considered weekend workshops, the Learn and Master Guitar series is like getting a Masters degree in guitar playing. With so much packed into this program, it’s easy to see why even some professional music teachers call it the best way to learn guitar.

Just What is Learn and Master Guitar?

Before we dive in too much deeper about this system for learning guitar, let’s slow down for just a minute and talk a bit more about just what this system includes. The Learn and Master Guitar system, unlike some of the online products available today, is an actual physical product that you purchase. Yes, you can buy it online, but it’s not a website. Yes, it teaches you how to play acoustic guitar, how to play electric guitar, and a whole lot more, but it’s not just another fly-by-night Internet site that might be here today and gone tomorrow.

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Here’s what you get when you buy the Learn and Master Guitar system:

  • 20 High Definition DVDs filled with over 40 hours of professional guitar instruction. These lessons run the gamut; from beginners scales and open chords, to advance solos and more, the Learn and Master Guitar DVDs are an ideal way for anyone to learn to play guitar.
  • 5 Jam Track CDs. Once people get started with learning some guitar basics, it’s a good idea to start jamming. And with these jam tracks, you don’t need to have other musicians around. The simple act of applying new guitar skills over top of these jam tracks has been called by some the best way to learn guitar for beginners and intermediate players alike.
  • A 100+ page lesson book that goes along with the video lessons. This book shows diagrams of chords, scales and other valuable music information.
  • Unlimited access to the Learn and Master Guitar online student website. The exclusive access to this online portal for musicians gives you answers to your guitar questions, and lets you interact with other students and instructors, to become a more well rounded guitar player.

So, is it the Best Way to Learn Guitar?

It’s hard to say whether one system is necessarily the best. After all, some people just want to learn to play one or two songs and don’t want anything more from a guitar teaching program. For people who just want that kind of minimal instruction, the Learn and Master Guitar system probably isn’t the best way to learn guitar. But for people who want to really learn the skills and theory needed to become a real musician, the Learn and Master Guitar System is pretty hard to beat. With the DVD lessons, you can literally pause, rewind and replay every lesson; until you’re sure that you’ve got everything down pat.

Customer Reviews

More than a few guitar players have posted online reviews for this system. And plenty of them have called Learn and Master guitar the best way to learn guitar. And since this system was developed by the legendary Gibson company, this is a guitar teaching system that comes from one of the most reputable names in the music industry.

So if you’re serious about becoming the best guitar player that you can be, you owe it to yourself to try the Learn and Master Guitar system for yourself. If you’re like hundreds of other people who swear by this DVD course, you just may find it to be the best way to learn guitar at home.

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Best Way to Learn Guitar: A Learn and Master Guitar Review
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