Automatic Espresso Machine: How To Select One

Automatic Espresso MachineAn automatic espresso machine is a great addition to any cafe or restaurant. Fully automatic machines can regulate the water for the coffee on its own and the coffee will be ground, brewed and discarded automatically. There is no need for any assistance from a person at any point in time during the whole process of making a cup of coffee. In general, this type of espresso machine is big in size and can cost quite a lot on the pocket too. However, many people who run businesses say that the best espresso maker is an automatic espresso machine because it eliminates a lot of work that need to be done by the staff especially when the cafe or the restaurant becomes a little too busy.

Expected Usage of the Automatic Espresso Machine

You have to first try to deduce the expected usage of the espresso machine in your establishment. If you are running a cafe, then you would need an espresso machine that can brew a variety of espresso based beverages all at one time, such as a 2 to 3-group machine. If you are running a restaurant that includes coffee served at the end of every meal, then a simple espresso machine would be a great choice, usually a 1-group machine. If your establishment is located in a place that caters to a target market that prefers coffee more than other types of beverages, such as a Little Italy area or an area with lots of offices, then your automatic espresso machine should be able to handle the demand.

Available Countertop Space for the Automatic Espresso Machine

Before you purchase an espresso machine that operates automatically, you need to look at the available countertop space that you have in your establishment. Small countertops are perfect for the Gaggia Classic espresso machines. You can purchase a bigger machine if you are blessed with a big countertop in your cafe or restaurant. Of course, different sizes will also have different capacities so it still depends on your business’ need. However, the market is now filled with space saving automatic espresso machines so you can find one that will fit your small space but still give you a great cup of espresso each and every time.

Espresso Machine Features

Inspect the power rating of the boiler of the automatic espresso machine that you are interested in buying. This is measured in watts and would depend on the size of the machine. In general, a good quality 2-group espresso machine that can make 9 to 14 liters of coffee will range from 3500 to 5000 watts. Of course, as the numbers become smaller, the performance will be less than the expectations.

Try to find out the quality of water in your area. If your water supply has hardness that is beyond 6 grains, then you need to get a good quality softener that will neutralize the minerals that are present in your water. just as any barista or coffee enthusiast knows, the quality of the water greatly affects the quality of the coffee that they brew. Make it a point to get the proper softener to prevent any build up of unwanted water components in your boiler.

Inspect the quality of the materials that are used in the different features and components of the automatic espresso machine. Good quality materials include copper and brass for the boiler and nickel-plated brass for the other parts. These are needed in order to ensure heat stability of the whole machine. This will enable them machine to create hotter and better quality espresso.

Service and Warranty

You should never forget to look at the after purchase service and warranty of the espresso machine that you intend to buy. There should be good customer service and a number that you can call in case you encounter any emergency problems and sudden breakdowns in your unit. Ask about availability of the parts should you need replacement. You have to remember that you are also running an establishment so you need to have the quickest service possible for your automatic espresso machine to avoid any delays in your daily operations. Your warranty should be significantly long enough to ensure that the machine is a good investment for your business.

When you know the right criteria for what type of automatic espresso machine you would like to purchase, going to the store to choose one would not be so difficult. There are so many choices when it comes to brands and models but if you know what you want then purchasing it will be a breeze. Do not forget to read reviews of espresso machines online. Ask your friends about their Krups espresso machine or their Delonghi EC155 espresso maker, or have them recommend another. Find one that will address your business’ needs and get that automatic espresso machine that you have always wanted!

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Automatic Espresso Machine: How To Select One
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